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Safety Flare, Inc. BBB Business Review

Safety Flare, Inc. is a small, locally owned business that was incorporated in New Mexico in February, 1965. 

Our company specializes in fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher service, and other safety products. Our biggest focus as a company is fire extinguisher maintenance, which is required by the state to be performed each year. Due to our experience, we can provide fire extinguisher service quickly and efficiently. 

We adhere to the NFPA 10 guidelines when servicing fire extinguishers, and pride ourselves on our quality of service.   

  Some of the safety equipment we offer:

·         Fire Extinguishers, Brackets (wall and vehicle), and related supplies

·         Safety/Reflective Vests

·         Hard Hats, Adapters, and related supplies

·         Work Gloves

·         Eye and Ear Protection

·         First Aid Kits

·         Traffic Safety Supplies

·         And so much more!

    Check out our Products page for detailed lists with prices and descriptions of the items we carry.

Our Goals:

1. Responsiveness
Need an item in a rush? Just give us a call or stop by our store. We'll be glad to work with you so that you can keep working.
2. Reliability
We stock top-of-the-line products at competitive prices so that you know where you can meet all of your safety needs!
3. Attention
We are available to answer any questions you may have, and we are eager to assist you in any way we can. It is important to us that our customers feel taken care of and valued.